Larson, Thomas H "Ivan"Missing

Lederhause, Paul H Missing

Lenten, William "Jack"Posted 4-29-08

(Lonning) Glugla, Margaret A "Margie"
Posted 5-7-08

Mahr, Gerald "Jer"Posted 5-11-08

(MacKenzie) Uelmen, Doris J "Doris"
Posted 6-1-09

(Mehlhoff) Miller, Betty
revised 4-4-08

Moore, Thomas D "Tom"Posted 8-12-08

Munger, David H "Mung Mung" Posted

(Nipe) Lecus, Elaine D "Elaine" Posted

Nowicki, John F "Jack"Ph Disc

O'Halloran, Michael J "Mike"Promised

Olsen, Gerald E "Jerry"Promised

(Olsen) Pitcher, Mary Ann J "Annie"Promised

Pederson, James O "Pete"Not yet

(Pederson) Vandenboom, Joanne M
Not yet

(Peters) Breitzman, Judith R "Pete"Promised

(Pfeuffer)Teffer, Marla E "Snail" Missing

(Reichhardt)) Kerstein, Mary "Marie"Promised

(Repp) Abshear, Sharon L "Shared" ans Mach

Roenfanz, Corinne Not yet

(Rowlee) Strauss, Joan M "Joanie" Revised

(Schaefer) Fischer, Kathleen SNot yet

Schilz, Thomas G "Tom"Not yet

Schlei, George "Butch" Posted 3-24-08

Schultz, Larry R "Red"Ans Mach

(Schultz) Kruger Patricia "Pat"Not yet

Schultz, Ronald E "Butch"Not yet

Shultz, Thomas R "Emil"Not yet

Schweitzer, Raymond "Ray"Posted 4-29-08

Simonson, Lorin E "Si" revised 4-3-08

Skarie, Richard D "Dick'Not yet

Strauss, Richard F Posted 3-16-08

Tylenda, Judith A "Ty"Not yet

Warren, James F "Jim"Promised

Weber, James F "Smiley"Promised

Wenzel, Kurt O "Otto" Missing

Woida, Robert W "Willie"Promised

(Zdradzinski) Zurowski, Patricia 4-25-08

(Ziese) Wieselmann, Bonnie "Bonnetta"Ph D

(Zillmer) Rauch, Marlene "Marm"Revised
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